What's Your Favorite CSI?


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We have three CSI -- the original in Las Vegas, the first spin off in Miami, and the post 9-11 New York. Do you watch any or all of these and which is your favorite?

For me, I'm true to the original, though it lacks big time with William Petersen gone. Jorga Fox is back for the entire second half of this season, though. I like her, so that's something (unless they mess up the marriage; if they do that, I'm gone).

I can't stand Caruso and Miami. I like the New York one but not enough to watch every week for some reason. It's odd because Gary Sinese is darn good.


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Im with your Orryman.

Original is the best.

Miami has fantastic colorful art direction, however you cant really make a show about dude taking his sunglasses off and looking askance.

New York is too dark.
I may sound boring for saying this, but my favorite CSI is the original series as well. Of course that doesn't make the other series any less impressive, but the original series is the first one that had me hooked sooooooo....