Question: Whats your favorite OTA networks?


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with all the subchannels available, the "unusual" networks are great to have. Unfortunatly, I only get a few good ones. here's a list I found of networks:

List of United States over-the-air television networks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I wish I could get Ion, Qubo, and Ion Life, along with the CW.
And RETRO tv!

ThisTV has some good movies, and PBS has got some good stuff on their subs. We've got 2 sports subs "untamed" and "universal" sports, ok if you like that. local universal sports showed olympics "less popular" sports during the Olympics, that was nice. Is it just me, or is curling really silly? :becky:

List your favorites-- and are there any that the list missed?

* SINCE WE STOPPED PAYING FOR tv, we've saved $71 a month. Yea, thats like buying a big screen tv EVERY YEAR.


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Yeah I like the PBS subs for sure, Retro TV is ok but I don't watch that often. NBC has a pretty good weather updates service along with a replay of their latest news every hour. Other than that, I don't watch too many subchannels these days since I've upped my DirecTV package. :p


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You're not missing much of anything on ION Life, it's mostly the same shows over and over. Qubo is fine if you have young children. ION doesn't have any programming that interests me, but I suppose some might like it.

Good news is that Cache County has a construction permit for K30KI-D, which once signed on, will repeat KUCW.

- Trip


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Cw 30

@TRIP: Thanks for the heads up. I can't seem to locate a county engineer here to ask questions to!

Yea... thats good news, since the local NBC affiliate doesn't broadcast NBC's SNL... Must be a mormon thing, probably offended someone back in the 70s. Its now on the CW. Weird livng in Utahkastan, a 3rd world country fer sure.

I have kids thats why Qubo would be good for me... PBS is better quality with no commercials but after 5 pm its all grown up stuff. And ION used to carry shows like The Wonder Years. My teenage daughter loved that show, and she got to see sort of what it was like to grow up "ME" in the 70s :hippie:

@Aaron62: I just told DirecTV to hit the road. :boom: Hear the sound of money jingling in my pocketses?

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MrPogi, I know!!!! I actually posted some time back about trying to connect my TV to my PC so I could cancel DirecTV too. I tried to go 2 days on the PC connection and I just couldn't find enough of my favorite shows online. ;) Plus, having the capability to fast forward past commercials is worth the $$ for me.

Fringe Reception

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Mr Pogi,

I wish that list showed the additional "networks" MHZ Worldview Network (one of my PBS subchannels) rebroadcast here. Some programs are quite fascinating!

NHK Japanese TV, RV Russian TV, Al Jazzera, BBC British TV, CBC Canadian TV, etc. NHK World is on right now and after learning all about Tofu (yuk!) they moved on to a Japanese Rock Band!



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HA !, I knew that, some stuff around here is sorta buried in archive,
might take a little while for you to get your feet wet ! :D

A GREAT idea though, must be, since someone else wanted to know it too !

Have a good Day ! :)