Whats Your Favorite way to Stream?


I prefer to just watch on my laptop, my family prefers to use Netflix on the Wii. My only laptop complaint is that some shows are very quiet and require headphones to listen where the TV has a much greater range in volume.


Every monitor/screen in my place has a way to stream Netflix. My favorite? Probably the TV in my living room. I've got that sound bar thing going--I feel like a spoiled brat in my own apartment.
Our current configuration uses our DVR -> 50 Inch LED TV mounted on the wall for Netflix, YouTube, etc. We also stream content via App to just about every phone/tablet/computer in the house if the main TV is in use by someone else in the family (5 total in the house, 2 out of the house that visit some).
Our primary barrier to cutting the cord is figuring out a more elegant solution that buying a set-top box for every room that uses TV for the online content with PVR capability...if I can figure this out, then I can fully cut the cord...when we lived abroad, we only had one TV so it was easy to cut it fully! Now we are all spoiled (in my home).


Our thing is the ps3 with our 55" tv with sound bar, watching netflix. I haven't watched netflix on my laptop yet, considering I am normally on about 4/5 pages at a time on it and normally don't feel the need to watch netflix on my laptop. LOL. I actually like our sound bar, because for some unknown reason the tv doesn't seem that loud. Then again, that could possibly be because I am partially deaf. But my kids and husband hear just fine.
Cool. How easy is the PS3 to integrate with your TV? We have an OLD Wii, but its upstairs where the kids sometimes use it (not WiFi capable). My oldest son is starting to get old enough to play games, so we were debating on getting a gaming console that we could also use in the entertainment center.


If it's something I'm watching just by myself, I will use my laptop a lot. I will use headphones if it's late or I don't want to disturb other family members. Sometimes I use my Nook tablet, and it's easier to hold in bed, but there is a lot I can't get on there.

But for anything I'm watching with other people, or if no one else is in the house, I would prefer watching stuff on a Roku on the bigger.
We use our Wii U to stream on the family room tv, my daughter has an older wii in her room for games and Netflix kids, and we have a 360 in our bedroom. My husband also streams on his desktop and I occasionally use my Kindle.


If it's just me watching something on Netflix or Hulu, I love the portability and size of the iPad. I can move from room to room with it or just lay on the couch holding it in my lap. If it's something I want to watch with somebody or I know I'll be in one place the whole time, both streaming services work through the built-in aps on the Samsung TV as well.