When a Brand trumps common sense-Beats headphones


I am amazed...hmmm...not I'm not...that kids are running, cash in hand to buy $300 headphones. Dr. Dre beats headphones are said to account for 2/3 of all headphone sales. I guess this could be true since high-quality or even med-quality headphones last for years and do not need frequent replacing...while logo-rich branded headphones...that are worn as neck warmers and status symbols by kids are sure to get destroyed in no time.

Let us take a closer look. The ear buds we see everywhere are fairly low quality and can't really produce the full range of sound. I do have a $500 pair of Shure in ear monitors that are engineered to sound good by factoring on your skull density and ear cavity...plus they each in ear has three miniature speakers/tranducers to the sound is separated and not all muddied up. So...when you slap on a set of larger headphones, processed to enhance bass...you gotta say WOW..Dez are awesome. Forget the fact that you can get the same sound out a good $100 Sennheiser DJ headphones. But I guess when you want to impress your people you will spend way too much.

Do you use headphones? What kind?:cheesy: