When a DirecTV installation goes bad, it pays to complain

An Arizona man, Harry Skigis, decided to subscribe to DirecTV after watching the "Genie" commercial when he learned that the system had "no box and no more wires."

It turns out though that it wasn't wireless after all. Wires were strewn across the wall near the ceiling and the overall install job "left wires and cables visible everywhere." Upon calling DirecTV to complain more than once he was finally told "No, we don't have wireless."

This led Skigis to contact '3 On Your Side' and his story was soon profiled in a 3 On Your Side report. After the report, DirecTV took action. They sent three technicians to Skigis' home and corrected the issue by making a much cleaner install. They acknowledged that the original install was done incorrectly.

The quick resolve left Skigis a happy customer.

"Oh, it's so much nicer. Getting rid of wires makes all the difference in the world," Skigis tells 3 On Your Side.


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