When are you going to put ABC back on TV? I'm paying for it, and you're not. - Direc

I want you to add ABC back to my package. I'm supposed to feel bad for Direct TV because they don't want to pay
for ABC. Well, isn't that a sad story! I would never have signed up for another year if not for local channels.
ABC in particular. I watch it a lot. Not now, I can't because you are fussing over paying for it.
Last year, I had 3 price raises on my account. Nobody felt sorry for me.
The only reason I signed back up for another year is because your salesperson told me they'd not raise my price
during the next year.
I want ABC back or I want out of my contract so I can have a service that cares about their paying clients.
If it's not back by next week, I will be quitting and we will go to court over your cancellation fees.
I wouldn't want to cancel if you offered what you promised. You don't do that.
I want ABC back---and why are we not allowed WETV? If I had cable, I'd have it.
If I had cable, I would not have outages everytime the wind blows hard, it rains, or snows.
I am more than unhappy with your service---or lack thereof.

This question, "When are you going to put ABC back on TV? I'm paying for it, and you're not.," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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