When does Netflix update their catalog of movies and TV shows?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Anyone know if Netflix is going to be getting any additional movies or content soon? I feel like I've watched everything (that appeals to me). Seems like my searches lately for movies I want to watch end up not being available. Their new releases have been a little lacking lately too.

Will Clark

You did not answer his question though. I too would like to know how often (and if there is a consistent schedule) for updating their catalog with new releases. Anyone have any idea or way to find out? Have done my fair share of googling this one...


All I know is that it takes forever for it to put out new seasons for tv shows such as heartland Merlin cake boss and other such shows. Even though they are on DVD! They often drop off in the middle of seasons and your left wondering about it for at least a year even though it's on DVD! If anyone can help me to know when they will get their heads on straight or even just tell me where there at in updating tv seasons specifically the ones listed above pleas help.:(:(