When Was It Proposed?


When do you think the whole digital television idea was proposed to someone in the government. Why do you think this idea came up too? Was this to make some money from people who would have to buy the boxes? Or was this to save money from antenna broadcasts?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
It's been in the making for over a decade or so. The main reasoning behind the upgrade (atleast the given answer from the Government), was to free up the analog frequencies for emergency responders to use, auction off a part of the spectrum to wireless carriers (to help pay for the digital transition), and to allow for more efficient broadcast technology for TV stations.

Companies that benefit off the digital transition:

  • Cable and Satellite providers are showing increased subscribers over the past 4 quarters which is arguably related to the DTV Transition
  • Converter Box Manufactures
  • Antenna Manufactures
  • Broadcast Tower Technicians
  • Federal Government Employees from website developers to telephone tech support (or there lack of)
and the list goes on.