When will true customer sercive appear? - DirecTV

I have probably spent 8-10 hours on the phone & in the AT&T office trying to get solutions to adding both TV & Phone under 1 bill, but no one sems to be able to resolve the issue. Then last night I spent 35 minuts on the phone tring to get my bill lowered. One agent incorrectly told me that if I took the "HD" only off of ESPN it would lower my bill $10 per month. I agreed only to find out ESPN was canceled completley & my reciever was also disconnected. It took 2 more calls to get this corrected. I actually wanted to email Direct TV "directly" with my serios concern for lack of help, but I could not find any direct email contact and don't wish to spend another hour or two on the phone in vain. And, of course, they could not lower my bill one penny!

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