When is Dish Network going to cave in to consumer demand and allow us to create custom packages with only the stations we want at an affordable price? I know all I really want and have time to watch I could pick about five channels and be happy. And I certainly don't want to pay $49.99 a month to watch them. I can do without the 100 shop at home channels and quite frankly so could the rest of us.
Dish Network, your customers want individual channel pricing and the right to choose just those we want. And were not willing to pay $10 for each channel. A more fair amout would be $2 to $3 per channel. You need to be making your money off of your advertisers and not your consumers like network TV does or Internet TV will destroy you. You could learn from Internet TV as well. One 15 second commercial is about all we consumers want taking us away from the reason we watch to being with....the entertainment.


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I agree with you one hundred percent. we should have the choice to cheaply access only those stations that we want. And it needs to be world wide so the audience size will be large enough to keep a genre station going. All these different laws in different countries are going to screw us in the future, more so than they are doing now.
Yeah I totally agree...They should keep their price at like $50 for the people who want all of the channels but the people who just watch like 5 channels only shouldn't have to pay as much...maybe like a monthly service charge of $5 or $10 and then only $2/channel and those are the only channels you can watch...especially with the economy how it is they need to keep customers.


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I'd be willing to pay $1.00 per station that I watch (Not counting local stations). I only watch about 15 channels out of my services channel lineup. I totally agree with the first post!


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I actually got fet up with Dish and their "problems" It was always one thing after another with them. The final straw was when they debited $400+ out of my checking account. I contacted them the second the bank called to let me know and they said it was for equipment because I failed to pay a bill on time. Well, turns out they didn't ever send out the bill to OUR address, how do you send a bill to the wrong address for an account that is over 2 years old? Well anyhow, I got my money back, and after a battle I canceled the account and will not ever use them again for the simple fact that they were RUDE!


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I don't think any companies especially Dish will ever do anything like this. Its too much of a bargain and the profit margin aint high enough for them. They have to make a whole bunch of money off every plan or they won't even consider it.


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I really think you are all dreaming noone would buy those shopping channels and that is why they have to push them on everyone by automaticly including them. They are very clever in how they divide the channels you can get in each package.


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I agree with the concept but it will never happen.

First off are the shopping channels. Did you know that they actually pay the TV providers like Dish Network for their channels to be shown to everyone? These channels actually help hold our costs down.

Second is the way the channels negotiate with the providers. They do not want an a la carte deal. They want to be available to as many as possible. They also pay more to be in a higher tier of channels.

Also, I know I am not interested in Lifetime or Disney. But my wife and kids would kill me if I just went with the channels I wanted.