Where are "My" DTV Coupons!


I know I'm not alone with this problem, and I know there's not much anyone at this forum can do, but I'm all out of patience.

I applied for the $40 dtv converter coupon on May 4th, 2008 and here we are in October 27th, and I still haven't received my coupons. I've tried emailing the government and also calling their hotline, but haven't received any kind of promising answer. Is there that much mail fraud going on with these coupons that people are not receiving them? Do I call the postal service? I'm running out of ideas.

I've seen all kinds of blogs and forums with these kinds of questions and their doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it. Does anybody have any information that can help?!?!


Lost Coupon


I would imagine that you have already been to the Coupon Program Website to check the status of your coupon. That is going to www dtv09.gov and and clicking on "Where Are My Coupons". That is about all that I can think of that you can do about it. Since you have not got it the worst could be that they show no record of you. Then you can order again if it is not past the deadline.

Coupons are not being mailed first class. Postal people are not as careful with the second and third class mail. They are more concerned with getting the important mail to you. To them the definition of important mail is first class or higher. It could have been delivered to a wrong address or lost. Most likely it was not mailed to you.

Contacting the postal service would probably not accomplish anything. What could they say without a tracking number or something to go by.


I also assume that when you applied for the coupon you did not tell them that you have a pay TV service or other way to view TV such as off of satellite. As I understand them they will only send you a coupon if you will be without TV in February 09.
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