Where are the PSA's for the transition and DTV Coverage?


Thank your lucky stars! i have to hear those annoying little ****s five or so times daily!
Haha and I was going to say, "And this is a bad thing??". :becky:

I think people have the general idea by now, it's just the procrastinating few left that haven't gotten a converter.
Ever since the delay, I've seen little to none on media coverage for the transition in LA, CA. :playball:
Watch PBS, gaurentee you'll see 3 of them in less than an hour. ;) Somebody has to find that Spike Feresten clip where he has the old lady doing the PSA, she's pretty funny.
Hit-tub, two dots, slashes, wah wah wah period digital tips period orja

major LOL!

Sad part is there are actual people in this same boat. i think ol'e Mae is better off with her new computer watching Internet TV. i mean she seems very skilled at the PC.

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