Where can I buy the Old School Systems?


Besides E-Bay, does anyone know where to get the older systems, specifically the original NES? My sister is having an 80's party and she is going all out on this one from the chairs, clothes, posters, televisions, right down to the old consoles. I don't really trust E-Bay right now and haven't had any luck in the local gaming stores.


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Check your phone book, you may find a shop dealing in used systems only. We have a local shop that has game systems I've never even heard of, and sells the games for them too. They are a bit pricey compared to Ebay, but at least I'd know it works. The place is a living disaster area too...

Also check thrift stores. I can always find SOMETHING there, even if I wasn't looking for it!


Thanks all! I checked my local Craigslist but not Crazedlist yet, but will doing that shortly. There are some game shops around here but at the time they don't have the system we are looking for :-(.