Question: Where can i find a mobile/portable tv/dvd player?

I want to buy a mobile TV for long trips in the car. We already have a portable DVD Player, but I know they make Mobile TVs that can pick up DTV reception.
There have been commercials in the past though show just a handheld sized one... maybe where the little kid locks himself in the bathroom to use it and his parents are proud thinking he's in there using the potty???

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One thing you should be aware of it that standard DTV TV can not be watched while moving! There is a new standard for mobile DTV, and it's just being rolled out. I've seen a combo DVD/ DTV combo or two - here's a link to Google products: DVD / TV portable - Google Search
But as I said, none of the can be used to watch DTV while moving. There's a few Mobile DTV devices out there right now, but I'm not aware of any with a DVD built in. I suspect it will take a while before one makes it to market.

If you have a laptop with DVD, however, Coby makes a USB stick tuner that does both standard and Mobile DTV. All "Portable" TV sets I've seen have one drawback: the tiny antenna that comes with them is a total FAIL. I don't know how a good antenna could be mounted for reception in a moving vehicle.

Of course, if you play DVDs while moving and use the DTV portion while still, it could work well for you.


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I was hoping you'd comment here, MDTV is something I'm not up on (Maybe because driving while watching is not a great idea, or because I live in a MDTV deprived area, but I digress!)
I checked that one out just now - Here's the scoop:
there is no ATSC tuner built in, meaning one is limited to MDTV signals or nothing - zip. Second, the two local signals would pop in or out. Certainly no where near the claims that a signal could be picked up in a moving car. Another problem is the antenna offers no coax port to hook an external antenna up
So without an external antenna port and no standard ATSC, this one is one I would pass on. There's just not enough MDTV at this point to make it worthwhile, and no external antenna connection means I'd be stuck with the obviously inadequate antenna it comes with.

Maybe it would work for the OP, but not me.

Check Trip's website to make sure there are broadcasters broadcasting mobile DTV before you buy a mobile DTV receiver.
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