Where do they find these families?


I think the families have to call or write in and then send a video of their out of control kids. If they are picked, then the show is arranged. I don't think I'd want to be on the show either. I wonder if there is actually money involved in them being on the show, such as in "Wife Swap"?


One has to wonder how or why these parents put up with these little monsters. if my kids acted like that they would stay in time out until they were 21.


If my kids were that out of control, I think I'd be too embarrassed to be on national tv. So where do they find these families?
I looked it up and found this information off a website Supernanny - Apply for the show - ABC.com

Apply Now!
Kids driving you nuts? Need harmony at home?
Can Supernanny Jo Frost help?

"Our program welcomes all kinds of families to apply to be on the show. Single parents, straight and gay parents, all ethnicities and income levels are invited. Whether you're a younger or older parent, divorced or married I find that the challenges facing parents today are universal -- children need love, nurturing and stimulation, but they also need boundaries, discipline, structure and consistency."
- Supernanny Jo Frost

To apply, print and fill out this form, then fax it to: (323)904-4681

You can also call 1-877-NANNY-TIME (877-626-6984), toll-free.



Atlanta, GA
Saturday, October 11th
10:00AM - 4:00PM
Atlanta Parent Magazine's Family Block Party
Mercer University, Atlanta Campus (located off I-85 near Spaghetti Junction)
Atlanta, GA

Springfield, MA
Sunday, October 19th
11:00AM - 4:00PM
The Western New England Women's Expo
MassMutual Center
1277 Main Street
Springfield, MA 01103

Abilene, TX (KTXS)
Saturday, October 25th
12:00PM - 4:00PM
Abilene Family Expo
Abilene Civic Center
1100 North 6th Street
Abilene, TX 79601

As other posters have said, if my children were really that out of control I sure wouldn't want it broadcasted on television. I would also be surprised that the Department of Family and Children Services weren't already involved.There would even be a possibility of follow-ups after the show by social services to make sure the children were in a safe situation.
One has to wonder how or why these parents put up with these little monsters. if my kids acted like that they would stay in time out until they were 21.
I too wonder how the parents put up with it and the kids turn out that way. It's amazing and sometimes leaves me dumbfounded by some of the parents' and childrens' attitudes. Look like it's the people that really need the help that apply for the program, I guess they are really desperate and being on television is not an issue as long as their problem is resolved.
I don't understand how parents would want that to be on national TV. I definitely would be way too embarassed to see that episode. I mean com'on why do you even let your kids to be like that. It's absurb.
I think the same thing. If my kids acted that way I would have definitely taken some sort of action that I cannot talk about here lol. My kids even say there is no way you would allow us to do that mom! I sometimes wonder if the editing makes some of the things that happen look exaggerated? Even so, I would be terribly embarrassed for anyone to know my kids did half of the things some of those kids do on TV


i don't have any kids, but i could not see myself letting them getting out of control to the point some of these families are on tv. i would be embarrassed if my kids acted the way some of these do.


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Alot I believe is down to the parents, you will always find there are issues with the parents, half the time the nanny is coaching the parent on how to be a parent.:D

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