Where do you look for hot deals on electronics?


This kind of relates to HD since I'm shopping for a PS3 to add to my home theater. ;) Anyway, I wanted to get some feedback from you guys (and girls) on where you look for hot deals. In the past, I've mostly used cnet.com's shopping comparison and amazon.com, but lately I've been using a computer forum (anandtech.com) in their hot deals section.


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My favorite is slickdeals.net, I found the deal on my first Vizio 42" LCD there. $700 when $1200 plus was the going rate.

Fatwallet is similar but busier, so it can be a bit more intimidating and difficult to navigate.

Gottadeal, Ive used as well, but slickdeals is my go to site.

Techbargains focuses on tech (though the others have subcategories that do so also). I dont know if this is one of the better sites, but Ive used it by default....go with what you know...that type of thing.

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