Where has my SD gone? - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Where has my SD gone?", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Quick question as I am obviously technically challenged, but within the last week my DVR filled up as all the SD channels I typically record are now HD.
Yes, I had the output resolution set correctly (480i) as I have done for a while now, but the channels are not taping in SD and are filling my DVR up and dropping old shows on me! In the past I could actually see this change (KFMBHD in 1080i, KFMB in 480i) in guide when I changed the resolution. Now it shows HD on all of the channels (think main networks...not necessarily the smaller ones...Sundance still seems to be in both SD and HD).

Any work arounds for this? The 6 channel boxes in our area don't have external drive enabled so I'm losing things I'd like to see.

This topic covered Where has my SD gone?, and TWC cable tv service.
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