Where is Local OTA TV guide?


I have TV guide saved in favorites but it has changed to advertisement.

I have searched for 20 minutes for Nashville TN local TV Guide all I get are advertisements. Most are advertisements wanting me to sign up for DirectTV.

Is there still an online TV guide for all the OTA local TV Channels???

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You can go to Yahoo and select the TV or Television category. From there, you will find a link that takes you to a page where you can enter your zip code and select your signal source: cable, satellite or free over-the-air.

You can personalize the channel list in case you have blocked them from your children or if you don't receive a particular channel.

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TitanTV is my favorite by far. It's totally customizable, and with a saved log in, it's one click access from your favorites to your listings.


Titan listings rock

Wow, thanks for the tip guys.! Titan is so much better than anything else I've tried.
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