Where is my $200 visa reward card - DirecTV

Like so many others on here, we left dish network and were promised a $200 Visa card. Not only did we not yet receive the Visa card, we were told we're not eligible because of the date. It hasn't even been 1 1/2 months since we got directv and we're supposed to have 90 days to submit for the Visa card. Additionally, we received the wrong channel package, were charged for the premium channels and didn't receive the Visa card. We have made numerous phone calls (without any successful outcome) and sent emails with photos of the offer we signed up for and still have no resolution.

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Direct TV bait and switch garbage

The exact same thing happened to us except we were offered a $350 visa gift card because we decline the $150 offer when they told us they still didn't have the PAC12 network. That's why we left direct tv many, many years ago in the first place. I thought it was too good to be true and it turns out I was right. After waiting the 6-8 weeks they told me it would take to receive the card in the mail I called up and they gave me the run around for 2 hours transferring me from one department to another and another until finally the resolution or escalations dept or whoever they were said we will sned in a report to their decision makers in marketing and have a resolution in 5-7 business days. I told them I was fine with that but they need to honor the original offer or I'm out. I said that was a deal breaker if they don't step up. Otherwise I would be calling back at the end of my billing cycle Mat 27th to cancel my service . I explained I am not going to take any responsibility for any early disconnect penalties they try to throw at me since this is their fault and not mine. Them the rep said we will still send you a $150 dollar card and throw in a year of NFL Sunday ticket and NFL red zone an over $200 dollar value if you should decide to stay. I rejected the bait and switch offer and am going back to Dish. What a bunch of crooks!

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