Where is NBA League Pass? - DirecTV DVR

For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, Where is NBA League Pass? Less than 2 weeks away from the NBA season and LP is still not available to be purchased? You know the preseason airs on it right?

This is scaring me. I am afraid Uverse removed it and will not offer it when they have had for years. It's still an option and advertised on the official site. Where is it?


AT&T/Direct TV and NBA League Pass, Still in Negotiation Regarding the Season

Here's the deal. I was finally able to get someone to explain. Apparently, AT&T is still in negotiation with NBA League Pass for the upcoming season. They don't even know what the price will be. So, this affects not only UVerse customers but Direct TV customers also since they are a part of AT&T. I was promised that this should be resolved by the regular season, but I had grown accustomed to watching preseason as well.

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