Where my televisions ruined by uverse!? - DirecTV

Approximately two months ago my wired cable boxes stopped working. Message on screen said call cable provider. The technician showed up and installed small black boxes between the wall and the uverse cable box. According to him there had been an electrical surge that went through the coaxial cable and these devices were surge protectors. The surge had traveled through coaxial cable not through electrical power cord.
Within the month both my samsung 60 inch LED televisions started turning on and off repeatedly. I took them to get repaired and they were not repairable. The televisions were 4 and 5 years old. Did the same power surge ruin my expensive televisions!? Has anyone else had this issue. Two televisions approximately 10 days apart from each other with the same issue.

Important to note the only television still working in my house is the one with a wireless box. Meaning it does not have a coaxial cable attached to it.

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