Where should I watch the World Cup?

This is my first World Cup in the US. Before that I was in the UK and knew which channels to watch the coverage on. Now I don't have a clue. I've found the networks that are showing the games but I need to know who's got the best commentary, punditry, pre and post-match shows etc. Can anyone help me get the best World Cup coverage? I have cable!


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Without ESPN on cable, Univision and ABC are your only choices in the USA.

Since I don't get Univision, it would be ABC.
Thanks! I've gone with Univision. I only speak basic Spanish but it's still preferable to the idiot-friendly coverage on ESPN and ABC. I've never been in a country where broadcasters pick and choose the games they show, as opposed to just showing every game and continuously broadcasting from the tournament. It's quite a culture shock!
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