Where to buy a antenna?


I want to shop for antenna but Best Buy doesn't have a big antenna that they sell. Who else can I buy from? I want to shop at a store where I can get help because I don't trust the internet.


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Check the Yellow Pages to see whether your town has a shop that sells/installs antennas and/or satellite service. Chances are good that an independent dealer will give better advice, and sell you something that's better suited to your situation, than a national-chain store will. Otherwise, try Radio Shack. While on the pricey side, their antenna selection is better overall than what BB has to offer. The only other brick-and-mortar alternative is the big national home centers, but their selection is typically limited to one or two models --- maybe -- and advice will be non-existent at most locations.


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All the best deals on the widest selections tend to be on the internet for outdoor antennas in particular. You might find the one you want locally. If the antenna you want happens to be an AntennaCraft, they are sold at Radio Shack. Best to find stores near you then call to be sure they stock that antenna.

Depending where you live you might be close enough to one of the internet sales warehouses where most let you drive up and buy one.

There are many here including myself that can pin point fairly close the type of antenna you need. With some information to your location we would be happy here to be sure you are buying the antenna system you need.

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