Where to buy Converter Boxes with Event Timers?


I live in Philadelphia PA area and would like to know what store in my area or online where I can buy a Converter boxes that have the event timers that allow your VCRs to change channels so I don't have to keep running back and forth every night to do it? However, if there is a way for me to set up the converter boxes with my two VCRs which would allow the vcrs to change channels that would be great too.

VCR 1 memorex
VCR 2 Mitsubishi

Right now I have two conveter boxes connected to two vcrs for taping...separately, which means that I can tape from two different channels(L1 on first VCR and L2 on second VCR) at the same time however, I CAN'T watch one channel and tape another. However, I can watch another channel using the first converter box while taping using the 2nd converter box and VCR.

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