Where To Find The Yule Log This Christmas: Streaming Online, On Your TV, and More

The Yule Log is one of the most famous parts of the holiday season. This streaming fireplace, normally accompanied by a variety of Christmas tunes, has been broadcast since 1966, when it was filmed in the Gracie Mansion, the mansion of the Mayor of New York City. Traditionally, it was broadcast in New York City on Christmas Eve, and was broadcast for 23 years. Since 2003, however, it has been broadcast beyond New York City and is found all over the country. I’ll show you exactly where to find it!

Catching It On Television
The Yule Log is back on Time Warner cable in 2013! It is going to be available as part of their free VOD services and comes in standard definition, high definition, and even in 3D! Subscribers can have access to it at any time they like day or night for free with their Time Warner membership. That is in addition to their Winter Green and Snowman options that they have added and will all be available until January 2, 2014. The Winter Green video is a snowy, pine forest, while the snowman option is, well, a snowman that is in the middle of a snow storm.

For other cable users, it is available in the free section of your digital programming as well. This includes: Cox Communications, Bright House Networks, Xfinity, Cablevision, Metrocast, RCN, and Bresnan. If you don’t have one of these cable companies, however, there are still plenty of options for you to take in a virtual fireplace.

Streaming The Yule Log
In addition to the original Yule Log special, there are plenty of streaming options online that can allow you to stream a beautiful fireplace to your computer or your television. Netflix has their own Yule Log that streams 24/7 on the service and even features its own trailer, behind the scenes special, and directory commentary.

On YouTube.com you can also find a wide variety of fireplace videos that can be streamed to your TV with a Roku or Apple TV. You can also find the original Yule Log, along with ones produced by famous names like Warner Brothers.

The Rest Of Your Options
If you can’t use any of the above options, you can still find options in the form of DVDs and VHS tapes. The original WPIX Yule Log isn’t available on any video source like this, but there are plenty of options that make great replacements. Amazon.com alone has a dozen DVDs that offer around the clock fireplaces in your home without any of the heat or danger.

Any of these options can be a great way to bring a little bit more comfort to your living room, or any room, this holiday season. The original Yule Log was a special way of bringing the holidays to life in the New York City area, but now people from all over the world can enjoy the beautiful fire wherever they are, even if they are in a cramped apartment with no chance of a fireplace.

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