Where's the buzz for ATSC-M/H?!?!!!


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I should be marketing for the Open Mobile Video Coalition because there isn't squat in the news or social networks about products or anything that has to do with mobile dtv. Seriously, why aren't networks who are going to be broadcasting ATSC-M/H writing more articles and touting how great it is? Lets get the train rolling!

I am slightly pleased with Rupert Murdoch's quote from FTC workshop (who calls a social networking even a workshop these days anyway?)

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch said Tuesday that mobile DTV is key to his company's strategy for remaining successful in the age of anytime, anywhere digital journalism.

He was speaking at a Federal Trade Commission workshop on the future of journalism and whether and how the government may need to step in.
Murdoch Says Mobile TV Is Key to Future - 2009-12-01 16:13:31 | Broadcasting & Cable


There is definitely a lack of information out there. My market is Minneapolis St Paul MN and we do not have ATSC-M/H, nor is it even known if any broadcaster plans to add it. I had heard speculation that possibly KMSP may offer it, but who knows when. I have read conflicting information regarding whether the content would simply mirror the main broadcast channel. I had heard that it would be free to air, but yet I still read from others that it will be subscription, so in addition to lack of information, there may be misinformation of what it out there. I have yet to determine if an ATSC-M/H tuner will also tune regular ATSC channels. I have lots of questions and I am not sure where to turn for answers.

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I think there might be some confusion here. First of all, it's just plain felony dumb to pump up buzz for something when -- basically -- NO RECEIVERS EXIST!

Here's what is actually going on. Many stations right now are swapping out their earlier equipment (that complied with either the January or May 2009 versions of the candidate standard) with equipment that meets the (almost) final standard. There are still a few nits to knit, but nothing major, and I can't say more due to the ATSC NDA. (I'm a member of the ATSC subcommittees that developed the standard.)

Second, there is a "plugfest" that is going on in the next week at CEA headquarters where people who make headend equipment will be testing their equipment for interoperability with receivers.

Then, the buzz will be starting up (anew) in early January, at CES. Several large things are being planned.

Receivers will need to be available before this thing gets pimped up.

As for questions, I can probably answer many of them. In some cases, I may have to point you to others. I'm rather deep on the middleware (signaling/announcement, etc) systems at stations, and not so deep into the RF issues, but I am reasonably familair with the standard, having lived with the development process for 18 or more months.

You can ask questions on this thread, or send me an email message to johnwillkie@hotmail.com. Please keep in mind that I'm working from early in the morning to early in the morning working on finishing up my middleware systems, but I will answer all reasonable queries in a reasonable time frame.

If you work at a station, I will probably answer you first.

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