Which box should I get?

I thought it would be very easy to just pick any box, so I put it off. I have now found that I’m very confused as to which box to get. I have went over some reviews of some boxes, and the pricing also. It appears that some of the higher rated in reception ones are the Tivax, Sansonic, and Zenith (old or new??) Also as far as a cheaper price goes, I am wondering about the Artec. Do you know anything about these models, and how they might work for our tv? We live in the country, about 4 miles from town, we currently watch the few channels that we get from our outside antenna. We have a VCR connected to our TV, and the antenna, and DVD player are all connected to the tv through our VCR. Does any of this make a difference as to what kind to get, and will we have to eliminate anything or have any additional connectors? Thanks in advance for your time!