Which brands of HDTVs should I consider when I buy?



I'm going to be shopping for a new HDTV soon but there are so many brands out there now. Some of the prices I've seen have been good but they aren't the brands that I'm use to seeing like Sony and Toshiba. Which should I go with? I want good picture quality and good reliability.

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A good rule of thumb is to look at name brand HDTVs and research the exact models you are considering online, as you have started to do. When we bought our Sony Bravia, it had excellent reviews for dependibility, the number and types of connectors on the back side allowing it to be easily integrated into a home theater system and how well it produces the color black.

Many HDTVs have trouble with black and with the lights turned down in your room, black looks like a deep slate gray on many sets.

My local Sears has a darkened showroom with many brands and models of HDTVs on display and the difference between individual sets would surprise you. Also, a refresh-rate of 120 Hz is recommended over 60 Hz because quickly moving scenes like NASCAR and many other sports will 'flow' more evenly and not come across as choppy. I hope this helps.