Which cable company should I go with?



I just moved and have a couple of options available for cable TV, those being Comcast and CenturyLink. Which one is better? Or should I go with satellite TV and get DirecTV or Dish Network? Any help would be great.


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I've heard good things about CenturyLink Prism, such as that their picture quality is better than cable. I don't know myself. Prism uses the same technology as AT&T U-verse. I have CenturyLink for internet, and I'm pleased by their service. Prism hasn't been offered in my area yet (coming soon). I won't get it when it is offered since I'm happy with over the air TV and internet video.
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The only drawback to using the IPTV services is that use with multiple TVs is limited unlike cable. However I don't think all CenturyLink TV offers are for prism though. They bundle satellite TV (DirecTV) with phone and internet as well.