which character do you want back?


of the characters that were killed off the island, which one(s) would you like to see back somehow? i would have to go with charlie.....it looked like he really turned a corner in his life with claire & aaron:)


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I'm in agreement with the previos posters so far. My first thought was Charlie. But I was intrigued with Mr. Eko and also liked that Hurley had a possible love interest. I'm also curious about the 2 scammers that got buried "alive" with the diamonds!!!


Charlie wins hands down for me. I love him- I literally cried when he died.

I'd also like to see Claire... They have not said she is dead but she has not been on in a while. Last time we saw her she was with her dad (Jack's dad).



What would be the purpose of bring Charlie back? It seems to me that his story line has finished. All that would be left for him to do would to chase Claire around the jungle. I'm curious as to why you guys want him back? :confused:


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mmm Clare, she's a hottie..yea I miss seeing her every Wednesday.

I don't think she should of ever killed off Charlie...what a shame. Now my favorite character is probably Hurley
Forgot to check this post, yes movie was great and I can never remember Claire's real name (Emilie). Liked Cybill Sheppard in it but I've always liked her as an actress. There was a really steamy scene (or should I say scenes) with Emilie too, I know that guy's don't care for Lifetime channel too much, but believe me when I say this, watch it with your girly!