Which is the best converter box to purchase?


I've gone to the website(s) and printed the information concerning the various boxes. I just want the best box for the best deal. Does anyone really know which one(s) are the best? I keep getting conflicting answers. Plus I've yet to see a converter box in a store. They're always out!


Depends on what you want to do? Do you have an HDTV ready TV that you could watch HD on?

If not, find the one with the best remote. Borrowed a Magnovox from my father-in-law and the remote sucks. No volume control. I really don't much about them, but if there is one that has a universal remote that can at least control the TV on/off as well, that is what I would get.
The two best ones i have used (and the ones that pull in weaker signals best) are:

1. Zenith DTT901-b.

2. Digital Stream


Both have excellent signal locking capabilities, best for those in fringe areas, and have universal remote controls.

Digital Stream is available at RadioShack, and has a 12-hour program guide.

Both boxes can control volume/mute through the box if TV has no remote capability or the remote was lost.


'Red Zone'. what i call it when a converter box gets a momentary signal lapse (like a gust of wind in the antenna) and refuses to re-tune the channel, resulting in a 'No/Weak Signal' (signal meter will stay in red, even if the condition is cleared)and the only solution is to turn off the box, and then power it back on. it's annoying in windy areas.

The Zenith DTT-901b only has a simple program guide, and only shows the current and the next show in the lineup.

the Digital Stream, while it sports a nicer more thorough program guide, only shows the data for the channel currently selected. no ability to browse the lineups on other channels without leaving the one you're viewing.

The Zenith can turn TV power on/off, but cannot change channel, mute, or control TV volume.
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Do not know if this applies, but i have a Magnavox converter box and use a universal remote from X10 that I use with my TV, DVD and my old VCR as well as the X10 installed light switches and plugs.