Which movie you are goint to watch this weekend?

Which movie you are goint to watch this weekend?
I'm going to watch the action packed battleship this weekend. promos of this movie are

really superb and i'll never miss.


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Whatever I watch will be at home. I have a DVR loaded with things I need to view. I'm also watching my DVD collection of Mission Impossible. I'm on season 4 of 7 at the moment.


Which Movie You Are Going To Watch This Weekend?

I have two sons ages 16 and 11, so I am thinking that the Avengers could be in order this weekend. Although, I think that Battleship would also be a great choice. My work schedule is usuall two weeks of Monday through Friday and then two weeks, which I work weekends. I also have someone who can get me discount movie theater tickets at the Carmike Theaters, so it is fun to take my wife and out two sons when we can. It has been so nice here lately that I would like to take them to one of the last few outdoor movie theaters for nostalgia sake, but my wife doesn't seem to like the outdoor theters all the much anymore, so that probably won't happen.

Jason Fritz

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We're going to see the Avengers this evening with some friends actually. :) This weekend, who knows...will probably stay home and watch what's on TV.

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