Which service is better Netflix or Hulu Plus?



I'm not really sure which streaming service to get, Netflix or Hulu Plus? I'd be using the service mostly on my Xbox and Android phone.


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It depends on what you watch: TV or movies. Hulu does mostly TV (including recent episodes), and Netflix does movies and some previous full seasons of TV shows. Netflix has a service for nearly any device, but Hulu doesn't work on all Android devices - including my tablet. Hulu's PAID service is called Hulu+. Hulu offers a free service that's available only on a computer, but to watch on tablets, phones, and set top boxes, you have to pay for Hulu+. There is no free Netflix service.

I have paid Netflix and a free Hulu account, plus a TV antenna. I can watch anything from Hulu Free on a computer, or at home on any device (on my network only) using PlayOn. I pay $7.99 for Netflix, which I can watch anywhere I have internet, on any device.


Like MrPogi said, it is more of a question of which service is better for you rather than which service is better.

Both services serve their own individual purpose. Hulu has more recent television shows like Parks and Rec, and Modern Family, the types of shows that you catch on in present day prime time. It is sponsored by television companies and has a lot of adds however which can get annoying to some. Hulu has a Hulu Plus which also offers some classic TV, but generally Hulu lacks in movie content.

Netflix offers a wide array of current and classic TV alongside with an amassment of movie content.

So again it is more of a matter of what you prefer in a service when asking which service is better.