Which Tablet is the Best Gift this Holiday Season?

With the holiday shopping season underway, deciding which gifts to buy for loved ones is an important and sometimes difficult decision. Tablets are popular items to give as gifts during the holiday season. But, of course, we all want to know what we are paying for in a tablet and if it is going to be worth the money spent on the item. When deciding on the best tablet to give this year, several factors are important to remember. First, what will you (or the recipient) be using the tablet for? Social media, surfing the web, creating and editing music projects? Second, what screen size do you (or the recipient) desire in your new tablet? Third, do you prefer Apple, Android, Kindle, or none of the above?

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What will you be using the tablet for? Generally, tablets can be a fun gift for those who enjoy surfing the web, playing with apps, engaging in social media, and streaming TV and movies. Some use their tablets for music production and editing. For these uses, three tablets come to mind. The Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the Kindle Fire HD. All three tablets allow you to engage in all of the above. The Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab are more talked about for the music production and editing, but all three can be used.

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Screen size is generally thought about in relation to streaming TV and movies on your mobile device. All three devices come in different sizes. Generally, the screen size of a tablet ranges from 7 inches to 10 inches. The decision of which screen size to purchase depends on your and the gift recipient’s personal preferences and what the tablet will be used for. Are you looking for a more compact tablet? Then you should probably go with the 7 inch screen. If you are looking for a larger screen in which you can find more detail, then a 10 inch screen wiil be an easy decision for you.

Finally, the preference of Apple, Android, Kindle, or none comes into play a great deal when purchasing a tablet for yourself or for another. I’m sure you know some Apple, Android, or Kindle fans who get in debates about which is a better brand. Generally, those who own Apple products will stick with an Apple product. The same goes for the Android or Kindle. It depends upon if you have had a good experience with your particular item.


I am not an Apple fanboy. I have three iPhones in our family. I like how they work and how they look. Some of my friends have other brands and they work perfectly. I have just ordered the new iPad. More on that in a minute. Our family uses iPhones for a couple of reasons. I got one because I do work in the music and artsy world. iPhones are the norm in that arena and it helps to have it. We also use the texting, image sharing, Facetime feature and want it all on the same platform. We do not use iTunes for music. I do use iTunes for podcasts. I bought the Apple tablet strictly because it is the only device compatible with very specific remote control apps that I want to use. I am a sound engineer and with an iPad I can walk around a concert hall and tweak the sound through an iPad. It is my only option. I have a Kindle Fire and that works great for books and watching Netflix. The only reason I am buying the iPad is for the speciifc apps. The Kindle Fire and similar Kindles seem to be popping up more and more. It used to be iPad only but no more.