Which TV should i buy?

I'm looking into buying a new HDTV soon, and I'm thinking the Panasonic vt60 for the picture quality, refresh rate, and black levels.

Can the 2013 LED HDTV's compare to Plasma? The minimum reolution I'm looking at is 1080p, with LED for backlighting.


DTVUSA Jr. Member
The Panasonic VT60 is a great option if you are going with a plasma. I personally prefer plasma to LED, especially for the money. I would chose the VT60 over any of the LED HDTV options. The best TV you can currently buy in my opinion is the Panasonic TC-PST60, it is $1349 at Sears and $1899 at Amazon. For the money, this TV combines the best picture quality and value.


There are a few good Plasma HDTVs on the market such as the one Kyle mentioned, but from all of the news I've seen lately.....it seems like TV manufactures are all going to LED display technology since it's becoming better and cheaper.