Which universal remote to get?


Need a good universal remote. nothing fancy, just something that'll control my Vizio TV and Onkyo receiver and a Sony dvd player.

I've tried replacing batteries in my old RCA-mote last night and the status light won't even light up anymore. Tried different batteries too.


I personally love my Harmony 720.

Something to keep in mind about universal remotes. The best ones (like the Harmony remotes) are activity based, not device based. You don't set them up so that they can use one tool that you can switch between different sets of commands to send. Rather, these types of remotes essentially work by making available, essentially all at once, the buttons you need for a specific activity. I have six activities set up:
1) DVR w/sound through new sound system
2) DVR w/sound through old sound system
3) Blu-Ray player (though new sound system)
4) DVD recorder though new sound system
5) DVD player (old sound system)
6) DVD recorder through old sound system
This approach offers a lot of support for one button sequenced operations, etc.


This is specific to the U-verse receivers, but have any of you checked out the AT&T U-verse RF Remote Control yet? Doesn't require line of site. :)

The Harmony 550 is pretty good too otherwise.
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