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Live Television (Broadcast programming)

At the beginning of Television, most of us knew only Live Television programming. As technology improved, networks began rebroadcasting programming as “reruns”. Before long, you could watch reruns of your favorite programs on other networks through syndication. The syndicators pay a license fee to rebroadcast on their cable channels. All of this evolved into one of Cable TV’s biggest complaints; “500 channels and nothing to watch”. It limits the “new viewing” experiences available to you by watering down your programming guide with never-ending reruns of Two and a Half Men, ten episodes a night, on 4 different Cable TV channels.

Cable TV networks pay syndication fees to rebroadcast popular programming on multiple networks. Then you pay Cable TV for the rights to watch Seinfeld on four channels a night. Between the top syndicated programs, Reality TV, home shopping networks and a handful of news channels, you’ve got your “500 Cable TV channels with nothing to watch”. Recent polling suggests that the average Cable subscriber watches only seven of their Cable subscribed channels, all of which are available through Internet Television, free, legal and licensed.

The Cable Experience

The Cable Experience is the ease of use associated with operating Cable TV. Sit down, “lean back” and start channel surfing. It is this convenience and familiarity to which consumers have grown accustomed and is a necessity for Internet Television components entering the market. Internet Television components come in two varieties; companion and alternative. Consumers need to ensure they understand the difference between the two before making any buying decisions.

The WhiteHatt Experience – Live Television w/ built-in DVR

WhiteHatt Internet Television is equipped with dual digital/analog tuners and built in DVR. Two live broadcast channels may be recorded in HD at one time with a storage capacity of more than four-hundred hours of 1080p HD programming. Viewers receive all the major networks, NBC, ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, A&E and ION in high definition as well as many regional and local networks, broadcast live in high definition without any monthly charges or subscription fees. No Cable TV or Satellite TV services are required to use any of the features included in WhiteHatt Internet Television.
Learn More: http://whitehatt.com/live-television/

How is that for small business innovation Gary Shapiro???

On the other hand, what does this cost? It's kind of hard to decide if you want to try something if you have no idea what it will cost you.
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