Who can i talk to or email about being lied to by a Direct TV employee? - DirecTV

I called in yesterday and talked with "Justin" around 3:30pm PST about getting 2 new Genie Mini's (Order ID#257752267 which is now cancelled) and we went over it again and again and he told me many times that my bill would NOT change and there would be NO additional fee's and i told him that i didn't want the $49 installation fee and that i would do it myself.

After looking at my account today, absolutely everything he said was a lie!!! He did try and charge me $49 for the installation fee that he said i would not get billed for. My monthly bill would go up drastically compared to what he said that it would not change at all and that my bill would be the exact same as it had been and that everything that i was changing to was going to be free, both on the upfront cost and on the monthly. Come to find out that if i didn't do my due diligence, i would have been billed $49 for an installation fee that i explicitly denied and i would have been charged an additional $29 every month for what he was getting me. $15 for the receiver and $14 for another TV, which i even asked him if there was an additional fee for adding a second TV and he explictly said no.

I had to call in again today to have everything cancelled because i was lied to about absolutely everything. I would like someone from corporate, or at least someone high up the ladder to listen to our conversation and then call me directly. My DirectTV account number is 26854389. I would love to have what he explained to me for what i'm currently paying now, which is why i went through all of this, but since i was blatently lied to about everything, i now have none of it and i'm quite irritated and would like to have someone do something about this.

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