Who do you think are the hottest tv show characters?


It was hard to narrow down my list but I came up with 3 names. I'd have to go with Mathew Fox (Jack) from Lost, Zach Braff from Scrubs and Wentworth Miller(Michael) from Prison Break.


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Kevin from The Office, definitely. Ok, maybe not hot but he is my favorite character! He is cuddly, at least. I think his character is hilarious!
Pam on the office is hot. Or though from years ago, Roz on Frasier.
Lisa Kudrow is always welcome to me too (blond in Friends).


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Of living, still working actors -- Michael Shanks of Stargate SG-1

Of living, semi-working actors -- Richard Dean Anderson of lots of TV

'Hot' always, alive or dead -- the very wonderful Patrick Swayze with his hazel eyes and beautiful smile.

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