Who else has experienced terrible customer service? - DirecTV

We have been put through the ringer with At&t! First off, we live in a so called connected community. This means someone from At&t has been to our home and installed equipment in our garage. We spent a week waiting for someone from this company to figure out were we live.... in one of their connected communites. Next, while we were waiting of address validation, we received not one but two emails confirming installation of incorrect services. They were planning on installing just internet and then Internet and phone on a date that we didn't agree too. We were requesting Uverse and internet services. Next, once someone figured out where we were located, a new rep told us we had to pay a $449 credit fee. This customer service representative was quite rude and told me I was responsible for ruining my credit. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she responded "I'll connect you, but they are going to tell you the same thing!" Upon speaking to a supervisor I was told that there was no way that we needed to pay a non refundable "deposit." The final piece of poor customer service came with pricing. Pricing has increasing since our debacle started last week. Because someone couldn't find our address and didn't enter the correct service from day one, at&t now expects us to pay the increased price. I was told there was no override to my issue. I even went as far as calling the rep for our connected community, her response "Sorry." This has been one of the worse customer services I've ever experienced. No wonder At&t is in the top 5 nationwide for poor service. This is a prime example!!!!

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