Who else hates the Nanny


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Let me clarify, I love the show for some odd reason but at the same time I can't stand the Nanny. She is so rude, especially to the dads.
Well, just to be fare, she's rude to Mom's too. I think she takes a harsh tone because that is the psychology that's needed to change A. lazy parents B. under restrictive parents C. over restrictive parents D. insert answer here. :) One episode, she literally made one of the dads break down in tears after telling him what an a-hole he was being for not spending more time with his kids. I think it shocked him more than anything because he generally seemed like a good guy, he just wasn't being an active participating dad in his children's lives.


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Have to admit I love I love her, she needs to be strict and direct to get through to alot of people. It's normally a problem with the parent/s and not the kids.:D
My kids would think she was crazy if she suggested a time-out chair or some silly sticker rewards chart!
What a laugh..
Some of her suggestions may work for some people, but it wouldn't fly here!


I love the Nanny. I like that she is so direct and is there to give a wake up call to these parents who really need it.

Watching makes me realize I am a great mom! and I have great kids!


I don't like how she thinks she can barge into a house, blame all the problems on this and that, and think she is right all the time. I would like to see how perfect her life is on a daily basis. Is there no wrong to it at all?