Who is affected?


All people using an antenna to watch TV, all people who do not subscribe to cable, satellite or other pay TV service. Now tell me this is not a way to help these companies make more money. Either you are forced to get one of these pay services or you are forced to buy a converter box. Either way you are now paying for your television service.

There are at least 19.6 million households receive over-the-air signals exclusively in their homes. 14.9 million households have secondary over-the-air TV sets in their bedrooms or kitchens. This means that nearly 70 million television sets are at risk of losing their signals.

Here are the options that consumers have:

* Purchase a DTV converter box for your existing TV set
* Purchase a TV set with a built-in digital tuner
* Subscribe to cable, satellite or other pay TV service, if that carrier offers the local broadcast stations you want