NFL: Who is Going to Get Drafted #1 in the 2014 NFL Draft?


I'm still seeing Clowney's name almost everywhere as the #1 choice. While he may be a stud, it's hard to imagine the Texans turning into a powerhouse based on drafting a defensive lineman. I think Manziel would be an awesome pick for them, both from a football and a PR point of view, but I doubt it will happen.

Any clue why they changed the schedule of the draft?
Yeah, apparently the venue they normal hold the draft got booked somehow??? I find it hard to believe that they would forget about the NFL draft though...the league is going to make the change permanent though for future years (to always be in early May).


After some research, as near as I can figure it's indirectly because Easter is so late this year. The draft is held at Radio City Music Hall, and since Easter this year isn't until April 20 the annual Radio City Easter Show will run through the time when the draft would normally be held. it was either change the date or change the venue, and the league decided to change the date.

Roger Goodell confirms NFL draft moving to May in 2014 - ESPN
Yeah, I found some other articles online that indicated the league was going to make the change permanent after this year to avoid future issues as well.