Who is Jacob?


So we all know that Jacob is important... after all he told Ben to kill off all the people (including his dad) and Ben listened.

Who can hear Jacob? We know Ben can, and we think Locke can.

Does anyone think they know who Jacob is? I'm thinking it might be Jack's dad? He was the one who went to Locke and helped him to get back to the real world off the island?



I've been thinking a lot about it- He seems to be pretty important. The one that was important to the "Others" and Ben and Locke.

Can't wait to see other people's answers.


Jacks dad is Christain so its not him. Jacob I think is the brains of the operation. I cant really add to much to that because we need to stay tuned!! I love this show.


Why do you think it's not him? Christian? He is the one that helped Locke get back to the real world off the island. I'm thinking it's him still.

Can't wait to find out.


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I think Jacob and Christian are two separate entities. Jacob was there long before Christian was, as Ben met Jacob when he, (Ben) was a younger man. And Christian only appeared on the island after the plane crashed. (and returned to life? like John Locke has in recent episodes)

I'm thinking that the "smoke/monster" and Jacob are entwined somehow. Remember how strange acting and quasi-evil Rousseau's husband (and presumably her fellow scientists since she killed them) were after they had followed their comrade (who had been taken by the smoke/monster) into the cave? Does anyone else think Ben acts similar to him---talking like a reasonable person then killing whoever he thinks needs to be killed?! And supposedly following Jacob's instructions.

I think John went to the cabin hoping to speak to, and be instructed by Jacob, but found Christian instead.

All speculation on my part, but I think Jacob is bad and Christian is for good.


That could be true... but how do we explain Richard never changing in appearance? He was the one who went to see John Locke as a child- and he looked the same (age wise) as he is on the Island. And he is the only one that we see all the time- no matter who else is there. Could he be more important and possibly Jacob?


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Hmmmm... I never considered Richard being Jacob. I guess because Richard was talking to Ben once and said something about Ben going to talk to/get instruction from Jacob.
There is definitely something going on with the whole "not aging" thing with Richard though. I posted on another thread that maybe Richard is going through his own time-flashes. Except that wouldn't explain how he was able to leave the island to go visit John in the U.S. Hmmm.:confused:
Richard has been there throughout the different times we've been shown. He should be the ONE person who knows the most about the island, it would seem. And yet he looked to Ben for leadership, went to John (during John's childhood) looking for someone special, ... I don't know, the more I think, the more questions I have.:eek: And in addition to the not-aging thing, he was able to get through the pylons without injury. What's up with that?!
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I don't think Christian is Jacob because Christian tells Locke that he is not. Jacob seems to be the person in charge of everything, and might be like a deity character...I don't think it's someone that we have already met, and I would be surprised if we meet Jacob before the series finally.


Yes you are right- Richard did look to Ben for guidance- and I remember know when he was taking Locke to the cabin- Richard did ask if they were going to see Jacob.
He is special- that is for sure... but I just can't figure it out.
I love this show!


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I think Jacob is an alien and the island is the alien spaceship used to experiment on people and all the people on the island are being used.
Maybe Jacob isn't anyone at all? Who knows if he even exists?!?! lol This show is so silly with all of the twists and plots going. Time travel?!?! Where's it going to go next?