Who is the Worst Late Night TV Musical Guest?

I watched The Tonight Show with Jay Leno the other night where Lisa Marie Presley and her band performed her new single "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet." That performance has prompted me to ask the question, who is the worst late night tv musical guest you have seen perform? Well, maybe the question should be which late night tv musical guest performance do you wish you had missed?

Several poor performances come to mind, but Lisa Marie's singing on The Tonight Show is the worst I've seen in a long, long time. She came off as eerily, zombie-like in her lackluster singing of the blues. The performance with her band left me singing the blues.


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I don't watch late night programming much anymore. Since the end of the Carson reign, I am bored by it, and I refuse to watch Leno on principle. I can think of positive numbers, like many many years ago when Barry Manilow was on and it was the first time anyone on TV didn't do straight performance but just sat at the piano, talking and singing. I think it was on Arsenio but I really am not sure. It's been too many years. Since then, that's been done quite a bit, but the appearance I am thinking about was the very first time.

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