Question: Who to contact for deceptive practice in Sales and Subscriptions

I have been a loyal customer for 8 years, last year I made a move and when I did DTV told us they could give us 3 months free of premiums. We declined because we know we might not remember to cancel and we had purchased a DVR and no longer needed premium channels. The order taker ignored us and gave us three months free anyway. Long story short, we have been overchared 51.00 a month for 8 months and autodrafted on top of that with no bill sent to provide breakdowns. What agency can we report the deceptive practice? They acknowledge we did not order and credit us 2 months for the mistake but why am I still paying for the 5 months prior to that? Its 300.00 worth of strait theft and involving fraudlent charging of my account.


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If you have a local TV station that has some type of commercial action, contact them. All 3 of our local stations have reporters who do these kind of stories with staffs that handle situations. They are very effective because the companies know the station will put it on the air about the problem.

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