Whole House DVR Removed - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Whole House DVR Removed", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Hello,

Today because my bulk cable package was canceld through the HOA they switched everthing over and whoever did this removed the whole house DVR coding from my account. I spent an hour on the phone to find this out and was told there is nothing they could do to add it back, and offered me a one time 20 dollar credit for a service I was paying more for, does not sound like my bill is going down though.

My question is, is it truley impossible for them to add it back or are they just lazy.

I really can't believe I'm being told we broke it and we're not going to fix it...what terrible customer service!

Frankly this is a deal breaker, if they can't fix it I'm swtching providers.

This topic covered Whole House DVR Removed, and TWC cable tv service.

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