Who's been your favorite Guest Star on the Simpson's?


Linked site is in badly need of an update. It's 8 seasons short. :D

I liked Kelsey Grammer as the Psycho Sideshow Bob. His voice just stands out in all the animated characters he played. Joe Mantegna is good too as Fat Tony.


There are so many guests that have been on this show, it's hard to think. I liked it when Sarah Michelle Gellar was on and she played a bad girl that Bart fell in love with. I really enjoyed that episode.


Hmm, there are a lot of them but I favor Aerosmith the most. They were an inspiration band to me since I was a kid and to think they showed up as a guest on one of my favorite tv shows. :)

And to add up, I also liked the episode where n'sync showed up, I think it was the episode where bart and his friends made a big musical hit.:p


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When I saw the episode that included Aerosmith I was amazed. With them on this show made it even better. I have that episode on my season set and I watch it all the time when I get the chance.


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I know he's technically not a guest star, but Bleeding Gums Murphy is great in every episode that they include him in. I love when they play the saxophone on there because I am a musician myself.