Who's working Christmas Eve?


The Mod Squad
Sorry to hear that. I am happy to report I am off from 6PM on 12/18 till 8AM on 1/5/10.

Real Happy. But I deserve it. 25 long years with ShortLine/CoachUSA. Happy Holidays everyone.


That's a nice little vacation there Yes616. :)

My work is having our Christmas party tomorrow in the morning and after that we're off for the day.


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Depending on the day of the week Christmas hits would determine if I work or not. Since Thursday is one of my days off normally, it will be this week as well. But had say Christmas been on Wed this year, then I would have worked to about 2:30 pm when we lock the doors at the cafe.

But my particular schedule gave me from Tue at 3 pm till Sat at 3 pm off. Nice Christmas present. 96 hours off work.

However, these days the only day most restaurants are closed is Christmas Day. I worked Thanksgiving day (volunteered because I knew it would be light duty). I will be working New Year's day so I better not get toasted New Years Eve! We expect a lot of hungover toasters to be dragging in that day wanting breakfast food. Breakfast has more grease and oils than other meals. And it binds up the liver processing the oils (so I have heard) and it stops processing the ethanol into what ever chemical gives the hangover. So eatting a greasy breakfast is a good cure for a hangover. I mean if you subject your body to that much alcohol, then that much grease can't be questioned, lol.

Have a Merry Christmas.