Who's your Favorite Game Show Host?


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One of my favorites of all time is Richard Dawson from Family Feud. He always had a way with the ladies, whether they were willing or not. ;) Who's yours?



Any Bob Barker fans? "Always remember to spay or neuter your pet" :p



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This is a toughie. Once upon a time, I really liked Tom Kennedy. Then I met him, and he was unimpressive and actually a little rude, so he's been off my list since then. I loved Bob Barker back in the Truth or Consequences days, and he's always been likable. Allen Ludden was great on Password; he was that show. I have to mention Art Fleming who made Jeopardy a classy show. No offense to Alex Trebek, but no one is Mister Jeopardy to me except for Fleming.


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I would have to argue against Barris. He wasn't a good game show host. I never liked watching him and honestly did so as little as possible.